The Mink Wedding - Megan and Matt

Megan and Matt are so awesome! My introduction to this fantastic couple came through Megan’s older sister, Rachel.

Story time - I was part of a trio of girls in junior high and high school with Megan’s older sister. We were pretty cool, with me obviously dragging the rear of the trio in the coolness factor (haha! This is truth.) Her sister Rachel and I played on the basketball team together for 3 years, and Jr. Jazz before that. Rachel throws a really killer elbow…. but what would you expect from a post player we nicknamed “Stick”. Love you Rachel! So, our basketball trio consisted of Kimma, Creer, and Stick - or Kim, Nicole and Rachel. We had seriously great times! I think my favorite memory not at practice or games was pulling sleds behind the 3 wheeler (super safe.. don’t worry about it…. hey! No one died.) down the snowy streets of Spanish Fork. The 3 wheeler kept popping wheelies, because, well, all the weight is sitting on the back of an all ready light front end, and then we tied a giant sled with a person or two on the back. One time we actually got enough traction to really get moving, but when Kim started to lose a little control she hit the brakes and came to a stop, not thinking about Rachel’s lack of brakes in her panic. Rachel being pulled on the sled behind obviously didn’t come to a stop when the 3 wheeler did and came flying straight into the back of the stopped machine while all three of us screamed something different. Kim - “We’re Okay Guys!!! Ooohhh Noooooo!! RACHELLL!!!” Nicole - “No! Don’t Stop Kim! DRAG YOUR TOOOOEESSSSS!!!” Rachel - “AAAHHHHHHH!!" Rachel’s diagloue was pretty easy to predict, right?? Anyway, she had some great speed and just plowed straight into the back of the machine and bounced away. No worries, I was fine. Oh! Right, so was the 3 wheeler. …Oh! Geez, right, so was Rachel. She wasn’t hurt. We were dressed like Michelin men. And what’s one less tooth to brush anyway??

The greatness continued when Kim, Rachel, and I were all pregnant with our first baby at the SAME TIME! Our children are all born within 3 months of each other! Is that not insane?? It was just the exact amount of plotting time necessary for those three kiddos to plan something big in heaven. I don’t know what, but we should ALL be worried!

Back to our beautiful wedding day of Matt and Megan. They are hilarious together and they totally compliment each others mutual weirdness. They were married in the beautiful Payson, Utah Temple on October 12. Their reception was that evening at The Chillon Reception Center in Spanish Fork, Utah. I love when I get to go to the Chillon. My Grandpa Creer used to actually attend church at that building when he was a child. Isn’t that cool history?? He showed me the window he used to sneak out of and would then run home. That actually explains a lot….

I’m going to share some photos of their fun, bright, sunflower wedding with all of you now! Enjoy!

You can all ready see that this couple is so much fun together! What a fun temple exit.

As you can see, goofiness and cuteness run rampant through the entire family. Their goofy pictures are hilarious. The goofiest though? The groomsmen!! Haha! Their photos are coming up next.

See what I mean about those groomsmen?? Haha! They were so funny! My bride’s people - faaaaantastic! The pictures of the groomsmen in the background goofing around. Yes, they were supposed to be serious in those pictures and just couldn’t, so I’m hoping that Matt still assumed they were being mostly serious and absolutely loves the surprise of the photos as they actually turned out. Haha!

Matt decided that this spider was a big enough deal as a hot, leggy model that he needed a picture with it. Celebrity status!

I spy with my little eye Justin with JT Videography - busy at work.

These little kiddos were the cutest! They were jumping, dancing and playing so well together. They then gave each other a group hug so tight and snuggly they all lost their footing and fell over. They laaaaauughed and laaauughed! Thought it was the best thing that happened to them all night. Kids are so silly.

Yeah, we were just as surprised when a boy proudly caught the bouquet as well! How did we not see him sneak in there?? Haha!

The girls were pretty determined that since a boy caught the bouquet, they were going to catch the garter. It was like the Superbowl!

Who doesn’t love a great cake series? Who won my friends? Matt or Megan??

There’s always time for dancing my friends. Always time to dance.

Megan wasn’t super excited about the Baby Mink July 2019 window. Haha!! And just like that they were off, bubbles and Mt. Dew in hand! Congratulations Megan and Matt Mink!