Old Friends Reunited - The Chestnuts

Michelle and I have known each other since I moved to good ole Spanish Fork in 5th grade. She was the most talented pianist I had ever met, and still is one of the most talented I have ever had the privilege to watch play. We were great friends all through middle school, junior high, and high school. She is brilliant, loving, and pretty darn funny. During our senior year Michelle happened to wander into Seagull Book and Tape in Spanish Fork .. maybe she wandered in often…. maybe she was stalking “the hottest, most amazing man ever” (as I recall a high school senior stating in AP English to me one day - haha!). That’s right! Michelle had all ready found the love of her life, and he was working at Seagull Book and Tape. AP English was the best class, because Michelle would be dying to come and gush about the things he said and how he looked at her. She was completely smitten, that’s for sure. Well, turns out Bob was, too! They were married not too long later and Michelle was a stunning bride with all red roses for a bouquet. Yup, I remember that. It was gorgeous! Now.. let’s see…. if my math is correct.. 13 years later?…. They have 3 amazing children, Bob is a doctor, Michelle has her Masters degree, and they are KILLING it at life! We were aiming for fall colors for their pictures, and the weather knew it! There was a huge snow storm the night before and morning of the pictures, so the canyons were filled with the fluffy, white stuff. I think we found a pretty great location in the valley to showcase our colors and mountains still though. There’s nothing better than Utah mountains to come home to when you have been away. Mmmm mountains!