In home sessions - Isabel newborn to 10 months

Isn’t it crazy how quickly babies grow and change? Have you ever seen the charts of how big we would be around 20 years old if our growth rate never decreased? Ha! We would be literal giants! Like, tall enough to comfortably sit on our butts and dunk a basketball whilst one hand is still outside the 3 point line kind of tall! Read this silly article here if you enjoy silly science like I do. My reasoning for mentioning such is that it was less than a year ago that I did an in home newborn session of baby Isabel, and we just did 10 month pictures for her as well. It just isn’t fair to see how quickly they grow sometimes! In this post I’m going to share photos from both the in home newborn and family session and her in home 10 month session, and you to will get to experience two whole levels of cuteness! Just check out how much these sisters grew in the time span! Warning: Baby has a ridiculous amount of downey soft hair. Prepare yourself. Enjoy these two sessions! View away!