Millcreek Canyon Fall Pictures - The Swartz Family

I met the Swartz family this summer at Wheeler Farms. My daughter and I had gone to the Farmer’s Market, and that lasted about a whole 2 minutes before Avalee sprinted off in search of the ducks. While we were playing in the chicken coop tree house another ADORABLE girl came in and introduced herself. The two girls became fast friends, and so our two families ended up touring the animals and farms together for the rest of the morning. It was really awesome! Stephanie and Scott have a daughter and twin boys. Their hands are full, but in that really awesome way, ya know what I mean? They have lived all over the place, so I’m glad they’ve made their way to Utah for a while! It has been great having new adult friends (the struggle is a real adult problem I never accurately anticipated, haha), especially with my sister expecting twins I love being able to ask Stephanie for advice on things to do for her and that their family will need to consider in the twin sitch. If you get the chance to meet them and hang out with them, consider yourself blessed, because They. Are. Rad. Their kiddos - also rad.

It started snowing during our fall colors session up Millcreek Canyon. They were tough kiddos though and they made it through! I’m so glad that Stephanie and Scott trusted me to take their family pictures this year. It was a laugh fest!