Sandy Beach Formals - Taja and Kyle

What if things just don’t go smoothly and nothing seems to want to go right? You just keep going! Things will work out! Things maaaay have been minute by minute of making things go “according to plan” for our shoot - between the temple being closed on a Saturday, to scheduling conflicts, to mom having surgery the day before, but Taja and Kyle are to be admired with how they handled everything. They kept their cool, they trusted their photographer (hey heeeey!) and family to help find solutions that made everyone happy, and we were able to have an amazing session. We could not get onto temple grounds to do our first look, but there was an empty field near the temple that had been recently hewn down that still offered a beautiful view of the temple. The surprise placed us behind schedule, but family kept everything happy and light with laughs and excitement to keep any stress at bay. Especially when Mom’s wheelchair brakes didn’t lock and she rolled down the sidewalk and high centered in the temple lawn. Who knew a high speed chase could take place at 3mph?? Our second location was Sandy Beach at Utah Lake. The sunset was gorgeous and the light was heavenly. Anything that reminds me of cotton candy is high list in my book! I seriously LOVE cotton candy. My favorite cotton candy vendor? Lollipuff Cotton Candy. Okay - enough of a side story! Cotton candy skies, a couple that is so stunning and strong together, and a four wheeling momma in a wheelchair who wasn’t about to miss this opportunity to experience her son see his bride for the first time. Their first look? Magic. Enjoy our session! It was gorgeous!

See?? Magic! Kyle had told me before Taja arrived that he isn’t a crier and was nervous about the whole thing, because he didn’t want to disappoint her. Well, he did not at all. He made all of us cry happy tears if truth be told.