The Magic of Golden Hour - The Rowland Family

What is “Golden Hour”? People love it, photographer’s rave about it. BUT - What is it? Well, golden hour is that glorious hour before sunset. When the sun is low, the light is warm and golden, and shadows are long and low. It isn’t a set time, like, 7 PM. It’s just that hour before the sun goes down. Aside from being my favorite time of day to capture photographs, it is also officially the best hour of summer days for wiffle ball as well. Ya know, in case you were wondering when the very best time to play wiffle ball is.

Notice how the highlights in the trees and the hair lights are warm and soft? That is maybe my favorite part of golden hour! The sunset in baby Nora’s little blonde ponytail?? Uuhhhh, LOVE! The shadows on faces are more flattering and softer, so we don’t have the dreaded “demon eyes” or “raccoon eyes” that high sun causes. Overall, the softer light is more even and great for portraits.

Enjoy one of my favorite small family sessions ever! We wanted fall pictures, but the leaves were almost all gone everywhere! Thank you to our golden sunset for really bringing the fall colors to our pictures even though it was mid November, and special shout out to Nora - the happiest, cutest baby of all time!