New Nephews! - a few hospital snaps

If you have been following along lately you will know I can’t stop bragging about my sweet nephews that arrived last week. Identical twin boys! Talk about that weird dream that every girl seems to have in their life. It sounds ridiculously hard and crazy and messy.. yet almost every girl dreams of having twin boys one day. It’s the truth! The boys’ names were a mystery until after their birth. Not because we didn’t want them stolen or anything, it’s because we just didn’t know! Once Adam and Kendra finally saw their sweet faces they were able to give them the perfect names. Skyler Jay and Easton Michael. Middle names after their grandfathers. Guys, naming things, especially kids, is a crazy hard business. Dallin and I got lucky with naming our daughter, Miss Avalee Dawn. She is named after both her grandmothers, Analee and Dawn. It just felt right and the family all agreed. That doesn’t happen that often (ya know, the everyone agreeing part)! I’m so excited to have these little guys here finally, and to get to snuggle them soon enough. I took my Nikon d750 and my sigma 35 1.4 art to the hospital and grabbed a few snaps. I’m glad I took it, because Grandma and Grandpa Great visited their new great grand babies while I was there, and those pictures will be something to treasure. There are few things in this world that light a fire for family love than grandparents and great grandparents meeting new babies. Enjoy a few documented moments from my happy little life, and have yourself an absolutely magnificent day guys. Seriously, go do it.