Laura and Leigh's Engagements

Laura and Leigh are such a great couple! I'm so excited to be able to photograph them and get to know them even more before their wedding in September. "Fun" story - I met with them for the first time a couple hours before shooting a wedding. We had a great meeting, and then I took off to my wedding..  well, I went to anyway. When I got to my car my front passenger tire was COMPLETELY FLAT! If you know me at all, you would know that I have freakishly bad luck with flat tires. I have all ready had to change and repair 5 flat tires this year, and it is only June! Nails, glass, staples, screws..   all kinds of things are magnetically drawn into my tires! It. Is. Ridiculous. Anyway, I digress. I have changed enough tires to do a simple car tire change on my own, so I got right to it. About a third the way in when the kindest gentlemen jumped right in and started changing my tire with me! I was able to make it to my wedding on time (and mostly clean), thanks to some speedy team work and generous human beings. The grease never came all the way out of my fingerprints, so now my cameras are really, REALLY mine. 

Leigh and Laura met....     take a guess.....   it's the same way that my husband and I met...   through TINDER! Ooohhh yeeaaahhhh! When my husband complains about shopping and how much he hates it, I kindly remind him that he didn't mind "window shopping" to find a hot wife. Haha, ahhh, thank you Tinder! We are indeed truly grateful for you and your strange people window shopping service. You have made many a life better, including mine. 

Leigh and Laura's engagements were taken at the International Peace Gardens in Salt Lake City. I do love the variety that you can find at the International Peace Gardens, and the grounds are so beautiful. I'm very excited to do more photo shoots with these two wonderful people!