Trista and Ken - Maternity and Newborn for their sweet baby girl

My hair was all up in foils and looking splendid the first time I got to speak to Trista! One of her best friends is my cousin Dani. Dani managed to make both of us look beautiful on the same day luckily for me. (Thanks Dani for always making our hair look HoooooooT!) Trista and Dani are best friends that ended up pregnant, both with baby girls, due only a few days apart from each other! Trista called Dani to invite them to a special dinner to announce that they were about 7 or 8 weeks pregnant, just to find our her bestie was about 6 weeks pregnant! #TimingGoals #FriendGoals

To make the story better, Trista was induced late on a Monday and Dani went into labor very early on Wednesday morning. Their baby girls were born within an hour of each other on a gorgeous Wednesday morning!! They are Birthday Buddies!!! “Does it get any better than this?! I submit that it does NOT!” - The very wise Brian Regan.

Trista and Ken are both military, and I feel very strongly that this baby girl is going to kick butt and take names her whole life. I mean, seriously, this is going to be awesome. She’s all ready so strong! Trying to hold her head up and kicking and moving during our newborn session. She’s also going to have a great sense of humor, because Trista and Ken are pretty dang hilarious!

So, today I want to share both Trista’s gorgeous maternity session at Albion Basin and their in-home newborn session with you today. You. Will. Love. This.