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A Little About Me

This is me, Coley of Coley Cook Photography. I’m often spotted with colored hair, two cameras strapped to my sides, and a big, goofy smile stuck on my face.

My name is Nicole, but Coley has always been what my family and friends have called me. Welcome to the club!  

My birthday is on April Fool's Day, and when you meet me you’ll probably agree that was destiny. It’s the perfect birthday for a clown like me. I am whacky, friendly, and I snort when I laugh.

My husband and I have a beautiful, fiery 4 year old daughter whom I take on all my wild adventures. Avalee is incredibly imaginative! She is all spice, passion, and unicorns.

In the hot summers you will likely find Avalee and I with our Irish Wolfhound, Kaia, up the mountains hiking around searching for unicorns and dragon eggs. When we come home and make air-popped popcorn, scoop some ice cream, and pour some chocolate milk to watch a movie all together. I mean, is there anything better? I submit that there is not!

So if you love the summer olympics, Brooklyn 99, and laughing till your guts hurt - let’s talk! Whether we are in the crisp Utah mountains, the tropical, magic jungles of Costa Rica, or sitting in your favorite coffee shop, I can’t wait to get to know you better through our adventures.



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